We Are the Military-Native Performance Wellness Company

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The Original Wellness Lifestyle

We believe the U.S. military established the original wellness lifestyle – optimized physical and mental fitness, founded on a unifying ethos of respect, service and integrity.

We develop critical innovation performance products in direct collaboration with those that deserve it most – our active duty service members.

High Quality, Affordable For All

Quality shouldn’t be defined by price points or advertising campaigns. We make products of the highest quality, formulated in the USA with clean and healthy ingredients, designed for the most demanding consumers and affordable for all.


Jac Roche / @thebelligerentbookworm

Jac Roche / @thebelligerentbookworm

Field-Tested By Members Of The U.S. Military

To ensure that our products are relevant and deliver in the most challenging conditions, we have pioneered an unprecedented large-scale Active Duty Field Development & Testing platform with our community of 1,000 service members of the U.S. Military. We believe that if our products are good enough for U.S. military service members, they will be good enough for all of us.

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Social Manufacturing

Through private social channels and proprietary technology, we collaborate directly with our community members to iterate and stress-test innovation - from ideation to finished good - that meets their real needs out in the field. This platform acts as our R&D center and content and community beacon geared toward a broader audience.

Phil D / @getmaco

Phil / @getmaco

Sharing 5% Of Our Revenue

We pioneered a business model that directly contributes 5% of our sales to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs. The M.W.R. offers quality of life programs dedicated to the well-being of U.S. service members, veterans and their families.

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