Hygiene & Safety

Hygiene & Safety
One of the few things I take with me to the field, it does the job.
Marco • Savannah, GA • US Army
Unscented Deodorant
I just got back from dive training, the deodorant was still working when I took all my gear off.
Antibacterial Body Wipes
Great for post workouts, to wipe down the sweat and be able to change into my work clothes in place of a shower when under a time crunch.
Matt • Afghanistan • US Army
The Hygiene Ready Set
The texture and thickness of the wipes allowed for me to really get in the cracks and clean.
Robert • Clarksville • US Marine Corps
Hair & Body Solid Cleanser Unscented
I was pleasantly surprised at how well the soap lathered up in my hair!
Tyler • California • US Air Force
Hair/Body Wash & Shave
I liked everything about this- the texture, the smell, and the feel. Perfect combo!
David • California • US Army
So my husband has been wearing the spray and it smells great on him. The scent lasts a while but isn’t overpowering.
Ellie • Fulton, MO • US AIR FORCE
Hand Sanitizer
This does a great job in keeping my hands from drying out, and the consistency seems perfect too.
Kyle • Krum, Texas • Air Force