BRAVO SIERRA uses BATTALION to test and develop products with their community of highly-engaged, prescriptive members.

BATTALION runs off the core premise that companies should listen to the most important voice, their consumers, to develop the products they actually want and need. Our members get access to products from BRAVO SIERRA before they go live and they are a part of the development process from day one. This means we use this insight to constantly iterate, so the product you get tomorrow will be an upgrade from the one you purchased today.


 *Note: Names and profile pictures of our testers have been changed.


Slack conversation with product testers and Bravo Sierra

Community interaction during product development 10.4.18


Research and Development

Through private social channels and proprietary technology, we collaborate directly with our community members to iterate and stress tests innovation  - from ideation to finished goods -that meet their real needs out in the field. This platform acts a our R&D center and content and community beacon geared toward a broader audience.

Field testing feedback during product development in WhatsApp

Field Testing feedback during product development 5.18.19