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BRAVO SIERRA directly collaborates with its military community to source, shape and stress-test our next generation projects.
We welcome the following applicants: active duty military, first responders and civilian testers.
As a qualified member, you'll directly experience product development at all stages - from preliminary research to manufacturing.

We call this Social Manufacturing.


Project No Wave


4 advanced-stage personal care innovations.


Prototype Level 2-4


Q1–Q3 2020

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Project Paean


Optimized physical and mental performance nutrition.


Concept/Protocept level 1-3


Q3-Q4 2020

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Social Manufacturing

BRAVO SIERRA is pioneering an iterative research, development, testing and manufacturing model that integrates core agents throughout the process while engaging the broader community through transparent design and interaction.

We call it Social Manufacturing. We believe it is the future of consumer culture.

Names and profile pictures of our testers have been changed.

Slack conversation with product testers and Bravo Sierra

Community interaction during product development 10.4.18


Research and Development

Through private social channels and proprietary technology, we collaborate directly with our community members to iterate and stress tests innovation  - from ideation to finished goods -that meet their real needs out in the field. This platform acts a our R&D center and content and community beacon geared toward a broader audience.

Field testing feedback during product development in WhatsApp

Field Testing feedback during product development 5.18.19

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